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Useful Activities

Useful activities to do at home including website links


As the need for families to self-isolate for 14 days grows, please use the list of activities below as a general.  Please do what you can and do not worry about that which you can’t do.  We can’t replicate a classroom situation, having direct input and feedback from a teacher but it is important that the children keep their brains in the game and regularly practise things they already know so that they are not forgotten.


 Please use these activities:

1)      Read! Get your child to read to you aloud. Read a book together or watch stories being read through websites such as

2)      Practise counting, times tables, number bonds (e.g. 3 +7 = 10, 81+19 = 100, 25 + _ = 40) to help keep these fresh in your child’s mind.

Foundation Stage

  • Learn some nursery rhymes.
  • Role-play favourite stories and talk about how characters are feeling.
  • Learn a new dance.
  • Collect natural items from outside to make a picture.
  • Draw a picture diary each day and write a sentence.
  • Design and make a structure from recycled materials.
  • Go on a treasure hunt around the house/garden to find different shapes.
  • Build a den indoors / outdoors.
  • You can upload photos of these to Tapestry.


Years 1 & 2

  • Write a set of instructions or a recipe based on something you cook at home.
  • Retell a traditional tale (fairy tale).
  • Retell a traditional story with a different ending.
  • Go on a bug hunt in your garden and draw/write about what you find.
  • Create a quiz based on your class topic.
  • Design a new toy and explain how it works.


Years 3 & 4

  • Write a fact-file linking to the topic you are studying in school.
  • Write an acrostic poem linked to your topic.
  • Find out where your family has come from and create a family tree.
  • Draw a picture of your bedroom and label what materials things are made from.
  • Plan your ideal bedroom.
  • Write a travel guide to a European country.
  • Carry out a survey and present data in a bar chart.
  • Design and make a bird feeder.
  • Create a board game linked to your topic.
  • Write a picture story book for a younger child.


Years 5 & 6

  • Write a newspaper report about a current topical issue.
  • Review a television programme or a film you have watched.
  • Design and make a musical instrument out of recycled material.
  • Create a dance that you can teach your friends.
  • Write a balanced argument about a current topic issue.
  • Design and make a propelled vehicle.
  • Make a pop-up picture book for younger children.
  • Learn a poem by heart.
  • Year 6 - Please continue with CGP Workbooks


Useful education website links: