John Wycliffe Primary School

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Behaviour & Discipline

JWPS approach to behaviour

At John Wycliffe Primary School (JWPS) we are committed to providing a high quality, inclusive educational experience in a caring environment. Our core purpose is to provide personalised support to pupils in order that they develop as individuals and make optimum progress. We actively encourage pupils to have a sense of responsibility and respect for others and aim to develop pupils’ positive attitudes towards each other, families, the community and society.


We aim, at all times, to be positive in our treatment of pupils and to use positive reinforcement to encourage and reward good behaviour. Our priority is to develop positive attitudes to learning and ensure this is shown through positive working relationships with each other, teachers and other adults. This is the ongoing responsibility of us all.

Being a JWPS Good Citizen

The overriding principle of the JWPS Good Citizen Code is: that everyone acts with respect towards each other at all times; that the school community works towards understanding and accepting and valuing individual and community differences.


The primary aim of the Behaviour and Discipline Policy is to outline a means of promoting good relationships, so that people can work together with the common purpose of helping everyone to learn. This policy supports the school community in aiming to allow everyone to work together in an effective, respectful and considerate way.


The school expects every member of the school community to behave in a considerate way towards others.   We treat all children fairly and apply this behaviour policy in a consistent way.

This policy aims to help children to grow in a safe and secure environment, and to become positive, responsible and increasingly independent members of the school community.

The school rewards good behaviour, as we believe that this will develop an ethos of kindness and co-operation. This policy is designed to promote good behaviour, rather than merely deter anti-social behaviour.


The JWPS Good Citizen Code can be summarised as follows:

  • Take care of and respect yourself, others and the school
  • Be prepared to learn; take part in class and make a positive contribution to school life
  • Listen to and follow instructions from all adults in school

JWPS Behaviour and Discipline Policy