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CEOP is the Child Exploitation and Online Protection centre operated by the Government.  If you need to report any inappropriate content or behaviour that you may encounter then click on the CEOP button above and follow the direction on their pages.  In addition there is a very informative website directed at parents/carers that provides advice regarding online and other technological issues that young people are facing.

Every year the school participates in a worldwide Safer Internet Day to help raise even more awareness to our children and their families' online safety.


This year it  was held on the 9th February 2021 with the theme:

"An internet we trust: exploring reliability in the online world"

Technology is not just restricted to a home computer anymore.  Tablets, mobile phones, e-readers, games consoles are widely available and their use is still growing and trends show it will continue to do so.  Whilst there may be some negatives with e-technology there are far more positives.  At John Wycliffe we endeavour to teach our children just that and how to behave responsibly and with respect when online.  We also equip them with the knowledge that they need should they encounter any inappropriate or upsetting online material.


Although E-Safety has always been addressed and delivered it is now embedded within the Computing curriculum. Children learn how to access online content, how to engage and communicate with others via email, how to plan, write and de-bug programs and control objects both real and animated.  All children are required to adhere to an ICT Acceptable Use Policy and are fully briefed in the use of the school equipment and provided with the skill that they need to be E-Safe.  This begins in Foundation and carries on as they move through the school. 

Particular attention is paid to keeping personal information safe outside of school and each child has their own personal folder on the school network to store and retrieve their work.  Obviously use cannot be monitored in the same way outside of the school environment so please help your child stay or become more E-Safe by looking at the links provided on this page.


Social Media plays a large role in day to life and widely used for general communication but please remember that sites such as Facebook have a minimum account sign-up age of 13. This age requirement is there to help keep your children safe so with this in mind our pupils should not have an account or be using these sites.


  • Frequent and friendly conversations with your child
  • Don't over-react
  • Install filtering or timer related limits on your home router
  • Think carefully about which room to install your home computer
  • Remember tablets and smartphones are harder to supervise
  • Use parental internet controls
  • Set time limits and conditions
  • Don't snoop - it encourages more secrecy - be open, talk and take an interest


Useful Links

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