John Wycliffe Primary School

‘Life is about the journey and we’re making it together’



Welcome from the Headteacher

I feel privileged to have the responsibility for the education and care of the children at John Wycliffe Primary School.  We are a happy, inclusive school,  where an enthusiastic and talented staff work very hard to meet the individual needs of the children, using a range of strategies to support their learning effectively.   


At John Wycliffe, we are passionate about teaching and learning and believe in educating the whole child, both academically and pastorally . We celebrate success in a variety of ways, including :

  • Character Muscle Awards - children are selected for demonstrating the Character Muscle of the week;
  • ARKs - Acts of Random Kindness;
  • Phone-home Friday - one child is chosen each week for having an outstanding attitude to school life; and,
  • John Wycliffe Citizenship Award  - by contributing to life at JWPS in a wide variety of ways.


We believe that learning should be relevant, fun, practical and memorable, therefore we provide learning experiences that meet the needs of all our children, giving them skills which  develop their independence in preparation for life beyond the classroom in such a rich, diverse society.

We expect high standards of behaviour, mutual respect and attitude to learning from all our pupils and ask parents to support us through the home school agreement, signed upon joining the school, which illustrates how the school and parents can work together.


There may be a time when you need to raise a concern about your child in school, whether about learning, friendships or to inform us of external circumstance.   Please speak, in the first instance, to your child’s class teacher, who will arrange a suitable time to meet with you and endeavour to meet your needs.  


We pride ourselves in having a good relationship with parents and carers, as we recognise that it is through this partnership that we can best support each and every child; children learn best when they feel safe and happy. 


We hope John Wycliffe Primary School enjoys a long and successful working relationship with you and your child. 


Mrs V Njoroge (Headteacher) 


Some recent words of encouragement from our school community regarding our 2021 Remote Learning Offer:

 I would like to say a big thank you to all of you at school who have made remote learning as painless as possible. I know how hard this is on everyone. 


Thank you for all your hard work this term. The Zooms from school have been great. 

Our girls have loved the structure of zoom calls followed by worksheets to complete. I know this won’t work for everyone but for us as a family it is working perfectly. It’s makes working full time and home schooling that little bit easier - thank you so much!


 Thank you to everyone for helping us with options to approach learning from a different angle until we found one which suited us. Thank you for taking on our comments and adjusting things to suit the children. Mostly thank you for always being smiley on screen for our children, when I am sure that there are days that you don’t feel at all like it. I am so glad we chose JWPS.


 We'd like to say how impressed we are with everything that the whole school team is doing for our children.  We really do appreciate the efforts and hard work that you are all putting in to making the remote learning as effective and engaging as possible.  We feel that we're very lucky to have such a dedicated and hard-working school team. 


On the 1st of June 2017, John Wycliffe Primary School converted to academy status and joined Inspiring Primaries Academy Trust - IPAT.  If you would like to contact, find out more about the Inspiring Primaries Academy Trust or you represent a school who is interested in becoming part of the trust, then  visit the website: