John Wycliffe Primary School

‘Striving for excellence in all that we do!’


Welcome from Mr E !

Lutterworth has been my home town for many years and to be given the opportunity to help educate and inspire the children of our community is truly an honour. John Wycliffe Primary School has long prided itself in being an inclusive and  nurturing environment where the wellbeing of the children and their families has been at the forefront of daily life. This has been made possible by the team of dedicated staff who are committed to ensuring that no opportunity to flourish is ever missed.


We have a culture of high expectations in all aspects of school life, and it is these expectations that help all in our school community reach higher, every day.


Our teaching team:

  • Plan and deliver high quality lessons, carefully crafted for the unique children in each class.
  • Give regular and impactful feedback to guide children to continually produce work that they have pride in.
  • Recognise the barriers to learning that children can face, addressing them with skill and sensitivity.
  • Commit to their own professional development and actively seek out insights from professional qualifications and educational research.


Our support team:

  • Carefully assist children in class, knowing how to vary that assistance so children can become increasingly confident and independent.
  • Focus on the emotional wellbeing of children across the school, knowing the perfect time to offer words of support and guidance.
  • Bring their own unique talents and interests into the classroom, enriching our curriculum and inspiring learning.


Our lunchtime team:

  • Understand that collaborative play is an important part of growing and maturing.
  • Promote active free time, guiding children to activities and games that are fun and engaging.
  • Watch closely as hot meals and packed lunches are eaten in the hall, ensuring that children have healthy and balanced meals to power learning for the rest of the day.


Our office team:

  • Pride themselves in building strong relationships with parents and carers, helping them overcome hurdles and to feel part of our school community.
  • Support our whole team to source high quality resources and to discover exciting learning opportunities on trips away from school for the children.
  • Make sure that every penny received in funding is used effectively to maximise the experience of children in school.


Our governors:

  • Volunteer their time readily to ensure that our high expectations are being delivered every day and that the school is being driven forward to reach new heights every single week.


At the heart of our school are our children. We have the same high expectations of each of them as they learn and grow with us. We expect:

  • High standards of behaviour and for them to embrace our restorative approach when those standards briefly slip.
  • High levels of engagement in their own learning, making the most of every opportunity carefully crafted by our teaching team.
  • High levels of respect for everyone in school, being prepared to take the time to understand and embrace the differences in the heritage of their peers.
  • A determination to make the most of every day in school, developing relentless growth mindsets to make that happen.
  • Pride in representing our school in our local community and beyond.
  • Commitment to playing a full role in our local and global community, ensuring they are ready to make the future brighter for all.


We hope our children and parents never feel that our school is failing to deliver on these high expectations. As a parent of two children in secondary school locally, I fully understand that issues can arise where it can be unclear why a particular course of action has been taken. Should that ever happen then our teaching team will always be available to listen and to help find a resolution. My door is always open too, and I am committed to ensuring that any issues are resolved as swiftly as possible to get us back to meeting the high expectation you have of our school.


The future of John Wycliffe Primary School is very bright indeed and I am delighted to be playing a part in that alongside the children, staff, governors and parents that make up our vibrant school community.


On the 1st of June 2017, John Wycliffe Primary School converted to academy status and joined Inspiring Primaries Academy Trust - IPAT.  If you would like to contact, find out more about the Inspiring Primaries Academy Trust or you represent a school who is interested in becoming part of the trust, then  visit the website: