John Wycliffe Primary School

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Remote Learning

January 2021 National Lockdown 


Remote Learning will be a combination of work set by the teachers (informed by the live sessions) and teachers delivering 3 x “live lessons” each day.    

For each phase, live sessions have been staggered so that siblings can access their Zoom at different times. 


Who will be delivering the live lessons?  

As teachers are also providing teaching in the classroom to critical worker PLUS  (CW+) children, zoom teaching will be done by a teacher in your child’s phase, supported by an LSA from the team.


What will we find on Tapestry (FS/Y1/Y2)?  

On Tapestry, you will find a weekly powerpoint for COOL time, Basic skills, Reading and where appropriate any maths or english activities not detailed in the live lessons.


What will we find on Google Classrooms (Y3/4/5/6)?  

Your child will have access to maths teaching slides and independent activity following up the teaching, English lesson teaching slides and a writing activity, Whole Class Reading PPT with links to the book/video/article/ image, a Topic based activity.


Do we HAVE to do the learning?  

Yes please!  This is the same learning that will be taking place in school, so it is important to try to do as much of the learning as possible in order to keep up.  We DO understand that you may be juggling remote learning with other tasks/work and this may cause you some anxiety to balance everything. The government have stipulated that 3-5 hours of learning should be provided by the school. We encourage you to do what you can in your given circumstances.  Some days, you might feel you can do more, some days less.  Mental health is important, as children need to be is a good “frame of mind” to learn at their best.  Please get in touch with your child’s class teacher if you need help.

We will comment and respond to work/photos sent in to the class email addresses below,  and will contact anyone who is not participating, as we have a duty of care and responsibility to ensure no child is left behind or misses out.  


Do we HAVE to access all the live sessions? 

Ideally, yes - as this is the closest to the learning your child will receive at school.  The live lessons provide the teaching needed in order to complete the independent task afterwards.  We also understand that you may be working from home too and unable to access the lessons at the given times.   At your request, we will provide paper packs if you really have no way of accessing the online work.


ALL school staff will be working as they normally would do if school was functioning as normal.  In fact, they will be working more, due to balancing Remote Learning and CW+ learning, whilst ensuring that their families are safe at home.  This is the first time we have done this, so if you have any questions/concerns at any time over the next few weeks, please just get in touch and we can work through it together. 


As a team: parents, child, and school, all we can do is work together to do our best.